• Best Herbs & Foods for a Kidney Cleanse

    Doc Nuzum talks about the first steps to a full body detox and discusses the best kidney cleansing herbs & foods for a natural kidney detox.

  • Avocado, Broccoli Sprout Soup

    Who doesn’t love the delicious taste of avocados? They’re packed with vitamin E, helping to balance cholesterol with all the “good fats” your body needs.

  • Almond, Goji, Brazil Nut Cookie Recipe

    A savory, cancer-fighting recipe with healthy, energizing ingredients like: bitter apricot kernels, raw almonds, brazil nuts, flax seed & turmeric.

  • Healthy Daddy Dip

    Here's a healthy dip containing high quality fats and antioxidants. Fun Fact: This dip was named by Ty Bollinger's kids because it's a favorite of his!

  • Creamy Chicken, Fish, and Vegetable Sauce

    This homemade healthy sauce not only tastes amazing but is a great recipe for cancer patients as it contains turmeric, garlic, and more.

  • Creamy Turmeric Spice Tea

    A creamy turmeric tea recipe that combines the power of curcumin with other potent cancer-fighting spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.